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Project aims to paint a better picture for those passing by Irene

Inspired by the difference a group of volunteer painters made on a home and a neighborhood through the Paint South Dakota program last summer, one community in the southeastern part of the state is working to create its own program, in order to more quickly spruce up the town. “It’s all about economic effect,” said Larry Johnke, a board member ... Read More »

Full circle: Thunder Valley looks back and forward as it reimagines how to live in community

The form of Thunder Valley’s Regenerative Community builds on traditional patterns of Lakota living. The community will be built in phases; the first phase includes one of the housing circles shown in the center of the top half of the sketch. Architectural drawing by BNIM

This spring, seven homes will be built in a circle facing each other, re-creating a cultural and physical pattern of living in community that has until now been lost to generations of Lakota. As part of the larger Thunder Valley community being built by tribal members on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, these homes continue a masterpiece in development, community ... Read More »

Making school matter

Sandra Jones, Mari Biehl, Jeff “Slim” Schneider and Cindy Nagel led a workshop for teachers in Wolsey, S.D. in July. Photo illustration by Heidi Marttila-Losure

On a Tuesday afternoon in July, when some of their colleagues were probably enjoying a deserved break from the intensity of the last school year, about 60 teachers were in Wolsey, S.D., working on plans for the next one. Read More »

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