Monday , 25 September 2017

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From the Editor: Renaissance people

A funny thing has happened in some conversations in the news lately: First, those in manufacturing professions have felt the need to speak up to convince students—their potential future workforce—that manufacturing can provide a good living and a good life. Read More »

From the Editor: Building confidence

Do you know someone who is building a home in the rural Dakotas? That person is making both a sacrifice and a statement: The “common wisdom” would call their building project a poor financial investment. Yet they care enough about living how and where they choose that they are doing it anyway. I think people who live in suburban or ... Read More »

From The Editor

Belonging In this inaugural issue of Dakotafire, our editor shares her story of homecoming. When I was growing up on this farm in Savo Township, rural Frederick, South Dakota, I was quite certain I was going off to college and not coming back. I knew, at least, that I didn’t want to come back here to farm life. Farming seemed ... Read More »

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